Login to server
For this workshop, please log into your [email protected] server. You can use any SSH client, such as Putty. For file transfer between the ALPS1 server and your PC/laptop, you can use any SFTP client such as WinSCP.

Change dircolor

When you log into ALPS1, the default colors are too dark.
Default dircolor
We will change the this behavior by editing .bashrc using vi.
vi .bashrc
Go to the bottom of the file, click i to start editing the file. Copy below command and paste into .bashrc.
export LS_OPTIONS='--color=auto'
export LS_COLORS
Then save the file by click Esc and shift zz the shortcut command to save and close the file. Then use . .bashrc to apply the new setting. Next time when you login, the dircolor will change automatically.
New dircolor

Change vim color

Besides dircolor, the default color scheme of the vim editor is also too dark.
Default vim
To change this, we create a file called .vimrc
vi ~/.vimrc
And add colorscheme desert to the file. Then save the file by click Esc and shift zz to save and close the file.
We open .bashrc again, and we now use the new color scheme. To close the file without saving, click Esc and type :q to close file.
New vim

Useful links about ALPS server at NCHC

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