Hands-on Training in RNA-Seq Data Analysis

I-Hsuan Lin

National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan
The materials were prepared for the Next-Generation Sequencing Workshop organized by the Life Science Library Training Courses on 19th Nov 2015 at Academia Sinica.
As the title suggests, RNA-Seq (RNA sequencing) utilizes the next-generation technology to assay the presence and quantity of RNA molecules in the given sample. RNA-Seq offers many advantages and supersede the microarray technology that was introduced in 2000s. This includes detects known and novel transcripts, increased specificity and sensitivity, and identification of low-abundance transcripts and isoforms with sufficient sequencing depth. RNA-seq has also been used to discover alternative splicing variants, chimeric RNAs result from fusion genes and RNA editing sites.


Update (May 2020) New step-by-step guide available here
Update: (Apr 2020) Migrate to the new Gitbook site, broken links/images fixed
Update: (Oct-Nov 2016) Mapping and analysis of the example datasets were re-ran with latest versions of the tools


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